Thursday, 9 October 2008

A Mother's Story - download our latest podcast

What is life like when you find out that your new baby has a complex congenital heart condition for which, currently, there is no cure?

How do you cope with your young son undergoing weeks and weeks of treatment in hospital in his first year of life, never knowing if when you say goodbye at the doors of the operating theatre it might be for the last time?

And what about the uncertain future your son and your family now face?

Our latest BHF podcast covers all of these questions as we hear from Marion, a mother from north London whose one-year-old son was born with a heart condition.

To listen to the podcast, simply subscribe to our podcast feed on the iTunes music store or alternatively download it directly from the BHF website (right-click on this last link and then select 'Save As' to save the podcast to your computer.

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