Monday, 22 June 2009

From capital to coast - beating heart disease together

A huge well done and thank you to the 27,000 cyclists who took part our London to Brighton Bike Ride in great weather yesterday.

Our annual 54-mile ride, Europe's largest charity bike event, on a scenic route through Surrey and Sussex has raised over £46m for our lifesaving work since it started.

Cyclists set off from south London at half-hourly intervals from 6am to 9am and began arriving on Brighton seafront from about 8.30am.

Since 1980, when we first became involved, over 650,000 riders have taken part. Most riders took about six hours to reach the finishing post.

Among those taking part was comedian and author Dave Gorman (pictured right), who completed the route in three hours and 59 minutes.

"I wanted to get under four hours," he said. "I'm really pleased I got up Ditchling Beacon. I'm officially fitter than I was four years ago when I did it last.

"It was brilliant that people came out to cheer. It's a great event to support the BHF."

BHF spokeswoman Tamara Bennett said: "The day has gone really, really well. The weather has been fantastic - dry and sunny but with enough cloud cover to stop people getting too hot."

Did you take part in the Ride, or would you like to pay tribute to those who did? Then please post a comment below...


simon.grove said...

Well Done to Team Horsepower a group of 12 cyclists made up of members of staff from the Blackhorse North London Sales Team together with friends and family. We have currently raised over £4,000 and hope to achieve somewhere between £4,500 to £5,000.
Wel done again from Simon.

Tom R said...

This was my first L2B bike ride and had a great day. Had great support along the way and the feeling at the end was amazing.

Will be back in 2010 with a few more mates!

Anonymous said...

My sixth participation and yet another great event. But I witnessed so many more accidents this year; Why do people dismount in the middle of the road or even worse make no plans for upcoming rest stops by at least being on the correct side of the road - they just veer in with no indication of intent whatsoever.
For sure someone will get killed on this ride one day through the stupidity of somebody else.

On previous rides the Marshalls would be giving notice of refreshment stops at least 1/4 mile in advance - this never happened yesterday.

Sarah H said...

My gorgeous hubby managed the ride in 4 hours - a really good time! The madman then decided to cycle on to Portsmouth with his friend - in total managed 120 miles!

Sore botties all round today!

Well done to everyone!

Kerry Clark said...

The ride was really enjoyable, even the dreaded Beacon which had me in tears at the top! It was incredibly well organised and the marshals and police were great. Aiming to repeat it next year but starting early to escape the crowds!

JenJam said...

My first one and I loved it! What a huge amount of fun. It helped me quit smoking too, so that's a bonus.

What a great day and I'm up for 2010 :)

artqueen said...

My dad done this yesrday and really njoyed it. The only bad comment is that one he finsihed, he got told by a marshall where to catch the coach back to our car, it was a 2 mile walk and once we got there, got told they think it's down the other end near the finishing line. This meant we had to walk another 2 miles back to near the finishing line. On our way we were asking marshalls where the park and ride was and they either said that they didnt have a clue or its down near the finishing line they think. Finally we found the coach to get on, but after my dad riding 56 miles he had to walk 4 miles wiv his bike in the crowds. Maybe next year the marshalls should know more information about whats goin on. Apart from that was a good day!!

Anonymous said...

This was my first attempt at the L2B. I was amazed at how many riders participated and how well the event was organised.
I managed to do it in 4 hours. I know it's not supposed to be a race, but I could have gone a lot faster if riders were asked (via signage or by marshalls)to keep to the left if they they decide to dismount and walk up a hill.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved. A great way to spend Father's Day with my Dad

Anonymous said...

My first L2B, fantastic event, brilliantly organised. Next year the beacon will not defeat me.

Brian said...

My 5th event, done in 3 hours 13 minutes - hoping to send in another £1,000+ - this will take my total contributions to £13,000+.
A good ride but the marshalls! oh dear - not many of them gave encouragement - thanks to the few who did!

Shah Khan - West Hampstead said...

A truly enjoyed experience. Shame it was a bit congested and had to walk every now and then, but the drops and the straights were brilliant. Managed to top 43mph! Didint set the speed camera off though. Yes, as been told, the beacon was something. my lower back was like smashed into pieces halfway. couldnt even pull my bike up whilst walking. saw a few nasty accidents and smelt some really nasty cow poo.

Ending was beautiful with my family waiting for me cheering.

Well done to Kadz who was my partner on the ride. Preparing for next years one - L2B 2010!!!!

Ginger Witch said...

Well Done to Team P Nut Esq: Wing Commander Dicky Hunt-King, Chris ' The Spice' Spicer, Jimmy Whiskers, Specky Becky,Craig Meldrew Newbold, Sir William Greenback on completing the London to Brighton cycle ride yesterday, after an eventful day of crashes, cuts, bruises and multiple punctures to get to the finish line and raise over £2000.Not to mention the sunburn and parking tickets.Well it was never going to be a boring day out was it? I hope your injuries heal soon. So proud of you all. You are my heroes. x x x x

dennis said...

i took part yesterday, and was shocked by the amount of accidents.
something has to be done to reduce the risks. maybe it's oversubscribed, or just that people need to be made more aware of the hazards.
i witnessed an accident caused by two people who just stopped mid-way down a steep hill. a lot of blood and broken bones.
i certainly won't take part again, and shall not recommend others to so.
there was a record number of casualties, so there was a good day spoiled for a record number of people.
think carefully before you enter. it's very very dangerous!

Anonymous said...

My first attempt at the londton to brighton-Found it very enjoyable apart from a lot of accidents which caused a lot of congestion

Will do it next year but will defintely start it earlier to try and miss some of the congestion

Martin Voges said...

This was my first London to Brighton and I thought I was fairly fit but Ditchling beacon proved me very very wrong lol. A big thank you to all the marshalls and helpers at the rest stops and all the locals that cheered us all on.It was a fairly fast flowing route all day despite a few nasty accidents on the down hill parts and I can recommend the buzz of taking part and thrill of achievement to anyone thinking about giving it a go.I shall return hopefully much fitter next time..Cheers Martin (Bow Leg Bikers)

Tony G said...

Well done to all who rode yesterday. Having completed the ride 12 times, like another contributor I saw more stupid ridng than ever before. The rules are there for the benefit of all. My admiration goes out to the rider, who ovetook me, whilst I was riding up the Beacon, as he was towing a kiddie trailer complete with kiddie!

My thanks to all who contribute. I possibly would not be here to ride without the work of the BHF.

Anonymous said...

very well done to kat, dave and chris from poole and wareham for finishing the london brighton bike ride.
kat and chris for the first time,everyone is so proud of you.
taking part and raising funds for such a good cause.
everyone had a great day.

Gary said...

Great ride, GREAT cause (BHF). My 1st L2B ride at the age of 55 and only having taken up tricycling last year. 6 hours riding and 8.5 hours in total isn't fast but I was pleased to have have been able to take part and finish the ride, given that I have had heart problems all my life.

I think I may have been the only person on the ride who a) took part on a tricycle and b)genuinely NEVER put a foot on the floor for the entire 52 mile ride (except when dismounted for loo and rest stops). Ditchling Beacon nearly killed me but with 4 (mounted) breather stops on the way I managed to reach the top, Cameraderie amongst riders was fantastic. Massive thanks to my cous Tony (of team "2 daft blokes & 5 wheels = L2B 2009)for his support throughout the ride. I couldn't have done it without you Tony. And thanks to Fred & Wilmer Flintstone for their encouragement. Hope your Club remained stiff for the whole ride Fred!!

Anonymous said...

I took part in the L2B yesterday and like others, was shocked at some irresponsible/amateur riding of some - many wobbling around the road, using mobile phones whilst riding, stopping or starting suddenly without control, and others blatently disregarding pedestrian crossings. All the things that give cyclists a bad name.
I have no idea how some managed to do this in under 4 hours, the whole thing took us around 7 hours due to the congestion of so many bikes (and we had one minor stop). We were supposed to start at 9.00am, and there were a lot of people with earlier start times (ranging from 6am - 8.30am) who had clearly not turned up on time, and joined in late, making it all the more busy.
The route was lovely in the countryside but too many people, and irresponsible people to make it really enjoyable.
I would not recommend it, despite the good cause - there should be half the number of people to make it safe.

Han said...

This was my frist London to Brighton and I LOVED every minute of it. I am hoping to do some more fundraising for BHF in the near future, and cannot wait to get back out on that bike!

Thank you so much for the oppertunity, and well done to everyone who rode! It is such a great cause, and it made the ride all the more worth while!

Anonymous said...

I did it! my family and some friends were shocked, my brother even gave me two quitting stops, one as i rode past the end of his road and another as i passed by his work - there's encouragement for you!
I loved it! and i feel fine today, i didn't push my pace but just kept on going, even when i walked (Ditchling Beacon).
Thanks to everyone for making it a great day espcially the lovely lady at Turners Hill who had made gingerbread - Thank you!

Jane x

Nick Walduck said...

My 2nd year doing the ride and once again thoroughly enjoyed it .
It is a pleasure to take part in such a well organised and well known event .
I found getting sponsorship hard this year not as much as last year but i still gave it my all and did it for family and friends who have been touched by heart trouble .
Once again Ditchling Beacon proved to be struggle !!!!! one year i shall not let it beat me .
I really hope i get on the 2010 ride as it is a great day especially when i saw my family at the finish line waiting .

Abs T said...

This was my first L2B and was well worth it. I think that the marshalls or the charity need to inform riders to keep left if they are stopping etc as this makes it easier for those who can make it up hills to pass. On the other hand some of the more experienced riders were being very irresponsible by racing in and out of the other riders at stupid speeds, this is supposed to be a fun ride not a race. What's the point in riding for charity to save lives when you nearly take one by riding wrecklessly!!!! All in all though a good day for a great cause. Well done to all those who took part.

Anonymous said...

My first (but definitely not my last) L2B! I loved it but I thought the enforced stops at Chipstead and Redhill were awful. We had a 7am start, left Clapham at 7.10am but got caught up with all the 6am/6.30am lot. Finally finished in exactly 8 hours after two longish loo stops. I only saw one accident but lots of near misses, mainly people on hills suddenly stopping without warning in the middle of the road. Was a bit shocked by the club racers ignoring the "keep to the left" instructions but can't blame them really. Did the chap in the nappy make it? Thanks to my team-mates Martin, Torey and Max for their patience and encouragement!


tab said...

I was walking between marshall point 58 and 59 (Redhill) the road was split down the centre by cones and tape. I was on the far right with cyclists supposed to be on the left of the cones and cars on my side. One yob cycled behind me and screamed BOO in my ear. That was annoying enough but next second it got worse, some dirty ******* decided it would amuse him to spit on the back of my head. I raced to the refreshment point at 59 but lucky for the yob he wasn't there. I was livid!
Other cyclist saw this incident and I would appreciate any info to the culprit, I would recognise him

Phil W said...

My first London to Brighton having done Oxford to Cambridge (85 miles) in 2005.

Some stats from my bike GPS / heart rate monitor. Ditchling Beacon bottom to top is 1.5 miles and it took me 13 mins so 6.9 mph average. Max heart rate 172bpm but interestingly not Ditchling Beacon - decide to sprint for finish in the last half mile or so. Average heart rate 142bpm. Height ascended 3048ft , descended 3123ft. Distance 53.13 miles. Max speed 42.3 mph.

There's something special about being on the road with 27,000 other cyclists for a worthy cause.

My father did aged 51 from a heart attack. I'm 43 in just over 5 weeks and intend to continue to take part in these events.

Took 3 hours 30 on my mountain bike. not sure road bike would be faster due to congestion and they were generally slower (or pushing) on the uphills.

See you all next year.

Anonymous said...

This was my first L2B and won't be the last. Thanks to all the organisers from the coach / lorry drivers at Brighton at 4am plus all the marshalls and police plus all the volunteers at the various pitstops. Organisation was brilliant.
Special thanks to all those who turned out to cheer us on.
Pete C - Eastbourne

Anonymous said...

My first L2B and I loved it. It was slow at the start, especially the first two main hills and some form of control for riders and walkers would be good but the atmosphere was great. Made it up Ditchling Beacon without stopping as did my brother, my son and his mate so we are very proud of ourselves. The club riders were very annoying, totally ignoring the keep left rules and asuming that you would just get out of the way when they 'ordered' you to move over, it's not a race!!!

Team Supercool

Anonymous said...

LONDON TO BRIGHTON BIKE RIDE!!! Ermmm.....really enjoyed the day, much to much standing still and walking! Too many accidents, and too many people just joining in for the JOLLY! These peolple on a Jolly ae the ones who dont care about others speeding and not giving a damn about anyone! Not sure that the hold ups where all down to accidents, the top off most hills where cross roads and it seemed marshalls were holding peolple there which back logged down the rest off the hill. Other than that the marshalls done a great job. DUE CARE AND ATTENTION is needed to do this bike ride! If anyone knows the guy whose front tyre blew out at around 35miles, he was next to us and ended up face 1st in the tarmac...would love to know if he was ok? Well done everyone

Michelle Beasley said...

Like many others this was my first attempt at the London to Brighton & had a fantastic day. Will look at leaving at the earliest time in 2010 tho, as congestion was frustrating. A massive thanks to 'Kevin & Perry(Terry) who stopped and helped me fix my chain, at about 7 miles, I was truly a damsel in distress, but I finished it and felt great afterwards, no real aches & pains.
My friends waiting & cheering for me at the end was such a great feeling, and they will be joining me next year. Great cause, great day, just a little oversubscribed !

Ross T said...

My first LtB and really enjoyed the day, but found it too crowded. The locals at Turners Hill were really welcoming to all riders giving out biscuits, cake and encouragement. Biggest problem was riders just stopping with no warning or checking who was behind them. Hopefully will do it again next year with a few more mates and an earlier start to miss the crowds. Well done to all who took part and thanks to those who cheered us on.

Anonymous said...

Well done to all riders, geared, single and fixed, tandem, unicycle and the blade runners, much respect to you all.

A third year of the event and my last for some of the reasons below:

Some notes to organisers for next year:

1: Less riders, or close more junctions off. It's a ride not a walk. You want more entrants close more roads off.

2: Filter lanes to allow those leaving the official stops to join the fast moving traffic. It works for cars doing 200mph in the F1 it should work for this ride.

A note the "on your right" riders:
1: You want to race, suggest you leave early. You get a later time than what you wanted then use your head and ride like those around you. It ain't big and guess what it ain't clever!!

I wont see you next year but I wish you all safe riding and good times.

Fran The Man said...

The records, or least my oldest certificate, show that I did the L2B as long ago as 1986 and that I've done it almost every year since then. In all that time, I have never seen so much irresponsible riding as I saw on Sunday. Does no-one know how to ride a bike in company? Does no-one know how dangerous it can be to think only of oneself and not of others on the same road? Should anyone, therefore, be surprised by the number of accidents reported this year? Please, BHF and your organisers, please make sure you properly publicise the need for SENSIBLE RIDING and the fact that THIS IS NOT A RACE but a RIDE FOR CHARITY. To paraphrase someone else: "What is the point of riding to save a heart if you cause a bleeding heart along the way?"

Mike said...

I had a great day out on my first ever L2B, but it was frustratingly spoilt by the irresponsible riding of a huge number of people who:
Stopped in the middle of the road with no signals; Swerved and veered across the road, again with no signals, to see friends, stop at refreshment centres or just for the sake of it; Wobbled all over the place while trying to use mobile phones; But worst of all, walked up the slightest inclines, spread right across the road, forcing hundreds of cyclists behind them to have to get off a walk as well.
Why weren't the marshals telling those walking to keep to the left so that the rest of us could continue cycling? After all, for the most part, they were only stood there watching us go by and waiting to shout at the occasional cyclist who got fed up waiting behind the walkers and pulled out across the white line to try and get past them.
I'll happily sign up for next years ride, but if it's as frustratingly slow and stop start as this year's that will be my lot. Sorry to whinge so much about what was basically a great day, but if these issues aren't address., this year's accident rate will be a drop in the ocean!

Debbie said...

Well done to team ARE WE THERE YET!! We made it. A big thankyou to Wayne for doing wheelies up the hills when all we could do was push, and a HUGE WELL DONE to Bec's, I'm so proud of you. Fab Day

jonathan Greatrix said...

Team...we're only here for the beer from Winchester had an exhilarating ride in glorious weather. A massive thank you to the organisers, marshals and police and for all the support along the way. The community spirit was excellent and the volumes of bikes challenging! Good to see those that drive erratically and hog the middle lane without a thought for others do exactly the same on their bikes - we love consistency. A brilliant day to be repeated ASAP. A massive well done to all – love it. Jonathan G Winchester. for details of a great ride again next May from Wantage to Winchester – 52 miles through stunning countryside – raise money for BHF.

Henry said...

Well my legs are rear end still hurt!

I came in with a dubious record time of nearly 11h30m. Beat that ;)

Was it just me or did the marshalls have dubious ideas of 800m? And whoever put a second 400m sign further up the beacon had my laughing my head off!

Anonymous said...

this was my 6th ride, and by far my best. 3 hours 42 mins, and up the beacon with 7 gears to spare. It's amazing what can be achieved with other people around you giving you support and momentum. Next year, under 3 and half hours! Well done to all, a great day.

James, Orpington.

Allison B said...

The event was brilliantly organised, well done and thanks to everyone involved, can't wait to do it again!

Anonymous said...

Have riden the event several times now, but this was first since 1993. I couldn't believe the hold ups along the way and this spoilt the day for me as I have back and knee problems and the constant having to get off and push the bike (on occasions for a long time )did nothing to ease my pains. I saw a few injured riders and some marshalls seemed to be praying at a particular time of the day!!! If they need to to this why bother to be a marshall at all? I'm no whEre near as fit as I once was and am certainly carrying several extra stones in weight as to when last rode ride. I managed up DB last time, but this year walked and had to stop dozens of times to rest doing even that lol. will be back next year, hoping for an earlier start and with a new racing bike....I think the mountain bike I bought in 1990 has done me proud, but now needs to enjoy a long retirement in the garage shed!!

Well done to all and lets hope the money raised brings much needed funding to the BHF

Stuart Mitchell

Anonymous said...

Well done to Mhairi, Heather, Julie & Iain,our first L2B! What a great day and a well organised event.I do hope all the people who sustained injurys in the numerous accidents are ok. I do think that the most dangerous cyclists were the most experienced who you would have thought would know better!!Anyway we did it and had a great time so thank you to all the supporters and organisers who made it such a great day!

Richard Henry said...

What a marvellous day; ditto comments above about congestions/accidents. Think numbers need to be reduced by 50% ideally or half twice as many start times! The people on route were great...offering free water/showers. Hats off to the reverse tandem, mature chap with tweed hat/suit and old bike (couldn't keep up with him!) and the chap with one leg on back of a tandem. May not do it again because of reasons above but chuffed to have done it and I felt quite emotional (baby) upon hitting Brighton. Thanks to Andrew for organising and Jo, Mags, Dan, Tom & Sam for being at the finish line.

Mark said...

This like so many was my first L2B ride and i really enjoyed it.
On the whole it was well organised with the marshalls and volunteers doing a great job of keeping the cyclists and traffic flowing although there were a few snag points along the way.
The people who came out to cheer people along were fantastic, giving out much needed refresments.

I agree there were some very carless cyclist out there who were weaving in and out of the crowds to gain an extra few yards! One such cyclist had a nasty fall only 500 yards from the start. Or those who got off to walk at the slightest hill in the middle of the road! Keep to the left please :-)
I was also amazed by the state of some of the bikes they didnt look as though they had been used in years, plus cyclists not knowing how to use a pump let alone fix a puncture!

Oh i was one of the people who started at 9:30 but my number said 06:00 this wasnt because i was late, my information pack never arrived so i was given any number availble although this didnt stop some odd comments from people.

I look forward to next year :)

Florlinda Jovellanos said...

Well done Team E3 (Robert Clark, Sawsan Salih and Steven Welch) and to everyone! We are very very proud of you, it's such an admirable thing to do. Love Flor, Hanaan, Emily & Melissa

Anonymous said...

Well done all!

I personally will not be taking part again because it was so oversubscribed and there were so many reckless cyclists.

Does anyone know what happened to the guy who flew into the barbed wire fence on the last hill??

s.brant said...

This was my first ltb ride and definately won't be my last - made it up the hill without walking aswell. I've only taken up cycling since new year at 41 years old and now cycle 17 miles to work each day - but I have to say that cycling, like airports, seems to bring out the worst in people.

Leigh Walker said...

I had a good day all in all but I went for a later start time this year than previously and was very disappointed at how congested it got. I think the delays for queuing to get up congested hills added about two hours to my ride time and it was extremely disappointing to make such slow progress and not have the opportunity to ride much of the first 30 miles. After the 30 mile point at Hunters Hill the rest of the ride was a treat, as enjoyable as ever. I'll go for an earlier start time next year and if I experience that much congestion again then unfortunately I won't ride in future. My friend was involved in a crash at about ten miles that was entirely someone elses fault but really shook her up and ruined her day. The person invovled swerved into her and I'm certain it wouldn't have happened if there weren't so many bikes battling for road space. Two other people I cycled with will not take part again because of the congestion which is such a shame. I hope to see this addressed next year so that I can go back to enjoying L2B 2010 as much as I have previously and can consider taking part for many more years to come.

Anonymous said...

A great event once again and glad I started at 6:15AM this time. Can't really complain about too much but... yes it was packed at the start, yes you couldn't really get moving until a few miles out of Clapham, yes there are idiots doing all sorts of stupid things and manouvres, yes people walking gave no thought for those riding up behind them, yes I saw the most accidents this year... BUT I didn't care really as I was doing it for fun, with a group of mates, in memory of another mate who died of sudden heart failure at 37, AND this year I rode it all the way up the Beacon which I admit made a grown man cry when I reached the top!! Can't wait until next year. Well done the Fairy Bikers! JimBob

Anonymous said...

This was my first L2B and departed at 0900. A great event ruined by the number of needless accidents/ marshallers not being as pro-active as possible getting slow riders and walkers to the left hand side, however, not as bad as the 2 marshallers sprawled out getting some sleep in by the side of the road, well done, I hope your proud!! The stop/start/walk up most hills due to congestion is very frustrating. I'm not competitive, however, I wanted to challenge myself and actually cycle every mile of it. To end up walking up 4 climbs was so frustrating. BHF please get more toilets for the start at Clapham for next year.

Finally, a huge thank you for all those people who cheered us along the way and those who provided free water or biscuits, your generosity was fantastic!!

I really want to make this an annual event, but the reasons above really put doubts in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Amazing experience and cant wait for next year to come. Feel there should be a greater start times from london, maybe a 5am start going through till 10am would be a help. On every decent there seemed to be an accident and came very close to one (sorry to the bloke whose handle bars i bumped into after being squeezed up by two moronic cyclist)Expected to finish in around 4 ta 5 hours and went past finish line in dead on 4 hours, however if weather as good next year will intend to dip under 4 hours, could of done it this year if i ran up ditchling quicker, mind you did put brakes on after reaching speed of 52mph going down the other side.

janpvoc said...

This was our 2nd time, there wont be a 3rd, unfortunately.

Please listen to the comments and reduce the number of riders; it is simply too dangerous ; idiots cutting everyone up because they only care about themselves.

Shame such a brilliant event is ruined my mindless morons !!

Anonymous said...

My first L2B and will be my last. I new it was going to annoy me when i was cycling to start and there were people cycling through red lights on the pavement etc. The ride goes through some beautiful countryside but this is spoiled by the idiots that have no idea how to ride with othe and were just dangerous. To top it all the coach driver on No.4 at the end was awful and decided to do the tour of surrey on the way home. You need to let less people enter - probably half- and tighting up on the mashalling.

Anonymous said...

A very poorly organised event! Almost turned out to be the L2B walk! Thanks to the VERY few people who gave us free water and supplies along the way. Where were all the companies that want to advertise their products? 50p for a banana! Come on! We were doing this for charity.
Great atmosphere, good weather, lovely country side.
Take a note from the Marathon organisers please.

The Two Bumble Bees said...

Our first L2B - and yes agree with the comments re the congestion and lunatics on the descents - but reaching the top of Ditchling without stopping made it all worhwhile!
Brilliant encouragement from spectators and other riders - hope the camel made it!!!
London to Paris next!!
Jo am so proud of you!! x

Chris said...

This was my first time at attempting the London to Brighton but, unfortunately spectacularly crashed out after 35 miles due to someone's bottle holder falling off their bike and going into my front wheel, causing it to lock and sending me flying head first into the tarmac, knocking me out for a bit. I don't remember a thing about the crash. (sorry to anyone who had to swerve to avoid me or who had to witness it) Thank you to the very kind riders who stopped to help me and call for help. Also, a thanks to the St john's ambulance people. I shall be back on a bike soon.
Congratulations to fellow Watford riders who made it. I shall hopefully try again next year and hope that luck is on my side.

Anonymous said...

My first and probably last L2B frustrated as others by the mayhem and accidents but spurred on to finish for my Gran. Well done to the Ember riders and here's to making it around the world this weekend.

Anonymous said...

My first ride & whilst I definitely enjoyed it, I think I must have spent at least one hour walking due to congestion either at upcoming junctions or as roads were simply blocked as some getting off to walk had a domino effect. So yes too many riders for my liking. However, the support by locals along the way was great, and thanks to the families & kids with their waterguns, lemonade stands and watert top ups etc who were keeping the riders refreshed along the route.

Adam said...

I am fellow member of team watford, mentioned in the previous comment. I have vowed to help chris to do it again next year and raise even more money for a great cause.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day and would like to thank all those who helped organise a great event.

Debbie Lowe said...

Team "Young at Heart" arrived at the start line an hour before our allotted time to soak up the atmosphere......except there was nothing happening. Not even a tanoy system working. Oh there was a random lady doing tight rope walking along with a guy on a guitar that you couldn't hear. Shame, as we've done the Great North Run and they really liven you up before your run. I didn't understand why they let you enter a team in the ride but then give you all different times for starting. I queried this and we were allowed to all start at the same time as the rider with the latest time.

Well done to my team, the ride inspired us to get out and about in the last few months instead of just going to the pub!!

Thanks to Ken for pushing us so hard in training, well he is Australian and he has ridden in 50' heat you know....

I would definiteley recommend people to choose an event like this as a goal, the training can be a social thing and we have done different things for 4 years now and helps us over 40, some nearly 50, people to enjoy staying fit.

Well done to Jarod, who completed the ride without an ounce of training, but hey ho you can do that when you're 15!!

Jimbo Tally said...

First time and I thought it was great - real good turnout by the locals which made it really special.

Don't listen to the moaners about over crowding etc I would not change a thing. If you want to race go early and stop moaning
Thank you

Anonymous said...

London-Brighton shuffle-along!!!!
30 minutes riding in first hour and a half, Frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Team, Four Go To Brighton.
This was the first time myself and my daughter had entered the LTB and probably our last. Although my neices have taken part for the previous 3 years. We were excited to take part in something so worthwhile but didn't think some fellow riders would be so inconsiderate. To say they rode dangerously is an understatement. I was knocked off by one person and told by the rider following that I should get up or I'd be run over. GREAT COMPASSION. I agree with all the comments about the amount of riders allowed and would suggest that the BHF seriously consider reducing the numbers. What should have been an enjoyable day, with training under our belts, was a scary time. Maybe if enough of us complain someone will listen. Not sure I would recommend this ride to anyone without a serious word of warning about the dangers you may face due to far too many totally selfish, inconsiderate riders.

deborah said...

my first l2b but unfortunately some idiot knocked me off my bike at marshall point 60-62 he stopped to say sorry and just got back on his bike i ws taken to hospital thanks mug

Bally said...

It was my first time ever LTB. i completed with my daughter, my niece and her friend. I only learnt to ride a bike just over a year ago ( at the age of 40 something*). I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge as I wanted to do something for charity. I would echo a lot of what other people have said though, it was meant to be an enjoyable fun event, but for some it's just a race challenge, making it very dangerous for everyone else. If they want to race then they should arrange a seperate event, so that the ones that want to have fun raising money and enjoy the day can do so. There were a few stops that provided complimentary refreshments ( a church, at one point, THANK YOU), some great atmospheres at the villages, which you could not fully enjoy as you were too concerned being run over or knocked down by inconsiderate racers. Overall though, an absoloutely amazing day. Future rides ?? maybe if seperate from racing day event (saw some nasty ,scary injuries). Thanks to everyone who helped me raise over £500, and for BAA who matched £350.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with lots of you,i've havent done this ride for 14 years and I've been amazed at how aggressive, stupid and thoughless riders were this year, I can appreciate that riding out of London would take sometime, but this was made even worse by cyclists blocking buses trying to pull out and then just causing a gridlock. I really think this should be a fun ride, so many cyclists just shouting "right" and then becoming aggressive when people didnt move out of their way, they should understand for your average cyclist this instruction is not clear. I really hope this event continues as they raise so much money, but I will not take part again,

Anonymous said...

2nd Ltb and the other was 4 years ago. Don't remember it being so tough but then I'm in no way as fit as I used to be. 4 hours was the time again but this time I made it up the Beacon without walking, thanks to all those shouting encouragement.
I word of apology though to the guy I was involved in a crash with about 25 minutes from the start. A word of explanation due I feel. I know you probably think I was hammering along not paying attention but that's not the case. The idiot on the mountain bike that jumped off the pavement causing your Dad (I presume) to move left which in turn caused you to move left. I was pretty much in the gap to your left already so had nowhere to go. I hope you were able to reattach the brake lever as that would be a rubbish way to end the day.
Apologies again.

Brayton "The back end of the Camel" said...

To the "The Two Bumble Bees".

The Camel did make it! Although ironically somewhat thirsty! Good luck on the London to Paris.

An awesome day out and a big thanks to all the cheers, laughs and jokes ("Bet they've got the hump" lead in popularity with a total of 31 renditions) we got during the entire ride, even when we lost a wheel!

betty44 said...

This was my first time taking part in L to B along with 5 other members in my team and I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of it.
The only comment I can add is regarding the shear arrogance of some supposedly 'professional' cyclists who would randomly comment on 'bottle necking caused by rookie cyclists dismounting', or riding slowly on the right hand side of the road.
At one point someone screamed at me, 'Move to your left!' at which point from nerves i imagine, I swayed to the right and he moved on to scream even louder, 'Your other left!'
All i can say to these so called professionals is, get over yourselves, realise why the event was created and if you're so concerned about congestion and your finish time, start at 6.30am or enter the Tour De France.

Apart from that, the atmosphere was amazing.

Anonymous said...

My first LtB but it was great loved the support and all the weather was perfect. Just one thing any chance of some distance markers telling us how far we have to go?

Anonymous said...

This was my first L2B with my two eldest children. The bottle knecks from Chipstead to Nutfield were ridiculous and our moral was down at that stage. However, after Nutfield the ride was as we imagined it. It was an enjoyable day and the scenery fantastic with lots of fantastic supporters. I agree that the water should have been supplied free from companies wishing to advertise as in the London Marathon. Apart from those two gripes we did have a superb day.

Mark Williams said...

It was my First London to Brighton and wont be my last....great event...great team spirit. This one was dedicated to Daren,Colin,Alan who have all recieaved support from the BHF after Heart attacks. Regards Mark Williams

cobminor said...

An enjoyable ride, not as bad on me as I expected. I will do it again and hope to start earlier for a smoother run. The congestion could be attacked by staggering the start a bit more, instead of doing it without much thought. I did see one marshall, not long after Fannys farm, that was asleep behind a bush. I also witnessed a woman coming of her bike after fannys farm, just before the M25. I think she had a badly cut but not broken elbow, it would be nice to know she is OK. All in all a well organised day.

Anonymous said...

Great fun, but too much congestion which led to too much walking! Also seemed quite dangerous-too many agreesive cyclists ignoring advice/instructions and jeopardising others.

Anonymous said...

This is my 2nd ride and i can't wait for 2010, this year there seemed to be lots more accidents, i noticed that there were lots of 'Sunday Cyclists' who had no clue what they were doing. I think more cycling for dummies guidelines for 2010 are needed, on the whole a well organised and worthy charity, keep on the good work...

Anonymous said...

ps from Team Four Go To Brighton
Thought I'd let you all know that after my accident I have been to hospital today, after going to A & e on monday, and now have my left hand up to just below my elbow in plaster due to broken bone in my wrist. Great way to remember a charity event. BHF please take note of this years many participants complaining about selfish cyclists.

Dave Morris said...

My third consecutive L2B and really enjoyed it. 42 years old and made it up Ditchling Beacon on this third attempt without stopping and finished in just over 3hrs.
Without harping on too much about the inconsiderate cyclists it does put a damper on things, but keeps you alert and wakes you up from the 6am start. Even had one attempt a U turn in front of me this year when he lost his bottle and cage!!
With my 7year old son bending my ear that he wants to take part when he’s 14 I am looking forward to doing it for a few more years yet in order to keep up.
A great experience and the organisation and support is second to none.
A dip in the sea (my son not me), sausage & chips on the pier and home in time for tea.
A great day out!

Anonymous said...

If everyone follows the few simple steps the ride would be more safe and more fun for everyone:
1) If you want to walk up a hill move to the left and then get off your bike.
2) Don't use your mobile phones or iPods on the ride as then you can't hear other riders around you.
3) Saying "on your right" is to let slower riders in front know that people are coming past.

If everyone displays some common sense and understand that yes, it isn't a race but there are fast riders who might want to try and beat their time last year then everyone will enjoy the day out.

Having said that it was a lovely day and with some great costumes especially the Little Britain Ladies, hope you didn't display too much leg!?

Anonymous said...

My first L2B and loved it! But thought there were way too many riders and the congestion was SOOO frustrating! made it up the Beacon so well chuffed and you can't beat the 'feel good' feeling when you make it to the finish line with all your family and friends cheering you on! A great way to spend father's day with my dad! will be requesting the early start if i do it again though to try and avoid the LONG traffic jams! : )

Anonymous said...

This is my second L2B and I thoroughly enjoyed it again, with the exception of the following:

If you want to walk up a hill then please move over to the left so those who want to cycle up it can do so. Perhaps next year the Marshalls can enforce this. When we arrived at the first major hill it was VERY frustrating having to walk but there was nothing we could do about it.

If you are riding slowly and someone does want to pass you, then it is more than reasonable to say "on your right" as this gives warning that someone wants to pass. Surely this is better than the faster cyclist inside overtaking which is very dangerous. I agree it is not a race but some people do cycle incredibly slowly and it is not fair on those who don't.Consideration from all is needed.

Finally ,it is unbeleivable that I saw people on their phones and actually listening to Ipods - some without helmets. You need to have all your wits about you on this ride, due to the vastly differing abilities of the cyclists taking part. I saw numerous accidents all of which were not pretty.

However, I will be doing it next year as the vibe is awesome and all in all its a great day out with a great sense of achievement when finished. Congrats to all who did it!

Laurence Derx said...

First L2B for me, and I throughly enjoyed it, the atmosphere and support along the route was fantastic.I managed to ride the Beacon and got a huge buzz from that.

Yes the stops were frustating, with riders not able to make the hills, and there were some idiots out there, but unfortunately the law of averages dictates this.

Special thanks to my support crew of Amanda and Kevin.

Anonymous said...

This was my 2nd L2B had a really enjoyable day and look forward to next years one.
My own comment to some of the previous posts:The use of "on your right" is a short polite and safe way of letting others know that your speed when freewheeling or pedalling is greater than theirs and you wish to overtake to avoid slowing right down due to their inconsideration in occupying the right hand 2 metres of road permanantly.My road bike freewheels a lot faster than than a fat tyred mountain bike but that does`nt make me a racer.
The number of rest stops and the marshalling throughout was excellent when you consider the logistics involved.
Queueing at the foot of hills is inevitable even if you had half the number of riders but it would have been thoughtful of people to leave space on the right for those who attempt to ride up.
The lack of basic riding skills such as looking over the shoulder before manouvering,selecting the right gear for the road ahead,being aware their are others on the road etc was shockingly apparent for many i encountered.
Anyway, enough moaning ,it was a great day and the medals at the end were really nice!!


my first L2B and really really enjoyed it, lovely weather, fantastic atmosphere and a great cycling partner...Thomas the Tank!! A shame we had to walk up a lot of the hills due to the amount of cyclists as we had done so many hills in our training but the down hills were super!!! and now I cant wait til next year. I would like to thank the organisers for a great event and a smashing day out.

Dawn wells said...

This was my 2nd L-b and i unfortunately i wiped out at Gattons Bottom less than 20 into the ride.After going to hospital in redhill i have many large cuts and bruises to my legs hip and elbow but nothing broken!St Johns were fantastic as were bhf for getting me and my friend and our bikes back to brighton in time for our coach home.I also feel that the numbers should be cut for future rides as laying in the road screaming to be moved for fear of causing a pile up within seconds was one of the most frightening experiences of my life, but many thanks to all who helped me on the day. I wont do this ride again but i will be back on my bike soon complete with scars as a reminder!

Anonymous said...

this was my 2nd l-b and unfortunately i crashed out at Gattons bottom after fannys farm.To all who helped at the time, thank you, a frightening experience waiting to cause a pile up because you cant move off the road.I escaped but with many cuts and bruises and will be a few weeks recovering fully, but having seen the ride fromm a different angle the organization was fantastic regarding getting me and my friend back 2 brighton and the bikes.I do think that the numbers should be reduced though as the number of accidents this year was frightening.i wont be doing this ride again but i will be back on my bike.

Anonymous said...

Well done to Eddie, Phil and Ali team Wizards, great first attempt. which bike ride next time !!!

Brenda said...

I would like to say well done to my sister Alison Barnes for completing the race and to let her know that we are all very proud of her, also her friend sue , they both done very well

doug said...

2 more points added to think about

1) If you want to walk up a hill move to the left and then get off your bike.
2) Don't use your mobile phones or iPods on the ride as then you can't hear other riders around you.
3) Saying "on your right" is to let slower riders in front know that people are coming past.
4) If you drop something on the route and want it back, dont do a U turn in front of other riders, continue on a little bit pulling into the left before stopping and walk back on the inside of the road and try and get it then (without a cyclist hitting you)
5) Helmet, wristguards and elbow pads would be adviseable going by accidents this year.