Thursday, 27 August 2009

Paris when it sizzles

Love and marriage went together like a horse and ...bicycle? on the British Heart Foundation's London to Paris ride this August.

After the 280 mile ride from Big Ben to the Palace of Versailles, the first thing people usually want to do is have a good meal or maybe a cold bath, but instead one of our riders whipped out a diamond ring and proposed to his girlfriend. The romance of it all had the BHF staff in tears!

This ride was organised when our September London to Paris event filled up so quickly that we just couldn't disappoint everyone who wanted to join in. What made this ride very special was that we all got to know every rider and support driver by name.

BHF organiser Kate Sparks said: “We were so lucky with the group of people we got. I miss all the teams today and can’t wait for the next one in September. A huge thanks to our volunteers who showed continued enthusiasm throughout the whole three days."

Whether they were riding for a loved one, took it as a personal challenge, were on a work team-bonding excursion or just fancied it, our riders ended up friends for life.

We hope you all have good memories of fantastic times, new friends made, beautiful roads ridden, many hills conquered and very sore bottoms. Here's hoping we all get invited to the wedding, too!

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Mika said...

What a lovely story.