Monday, 26 July 2010

An letter from Susan Tuffy

Monday 26th July 2010

Dear Editor

I am writing to encourage your readers in Rochdale, Lancashire to be vigilant when making doorstep donations of second-hand goods to their chosen charity because they could be lining the pockets of third party organisations working for commercial gain, not the charity.

The British Heart Foundation has seen a 25% drop in household collections due to this commercial activity and believe it will cost them a staggering £3 million in the next year – money which could be spent in the fight against heart disease.

As a heart patient myself I understand the importance of the BHF’s work. My heart attack came completely out of the blue 6 years ago and it devastated my family. Without the BHF’s fantastic Heart Nurses and their resources, I struggle to see how I could have got my life back on track.

I’d like to highlight to the people in Rochdale, that 100% of the profits made from donations to the BHF stay with the charity because they haven’t formed a partnership with these third party organisations. These healthy profits help them continue their lifesaving work, whereas as little as 5% goes to charities who use a third party to collect on their behalf.

The BHF has launched a new campaign because they believe it’s only right that householders in Rochdale, are given clear information from collectors about where the proceeds of their goods are going so they can make an informed choice.

Best wishes,

Susan Tuffy

You can also get involved by writing a letter to your local paper to raise awareness on the issue, visit the BHF website to find out how you can.

To find out more information or to locate your nearest BHF Shop please call 0844 412 5000 or visit the BHF website.

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