Thursday, 13 December 2007

A healthy winner

A few weeks back we wrote about Connect2, a project supported by the BHF to overcome the everyday barriers people face when they try to walk or cycle anywhere.

Connect2, launched by the transport campaign group Sustrans, was shortlisted for the Big Lottery Fund's The People's £50 Million Contest, and last night it won the top prize.

So well done to Connect2 and Sustrans, and thanks to everyone who voted for them, including we hope quite a few BHF supporters and blog readers.

Here's the verdict of our Policy Manager Steve Shaffelburg: "Connect2, with its emphasis on overcoming barriers to walking and cycling, will make a positive impact on the lives of millions of people on an almost daily basis.

"With physical inactivity being one of the major modifiable risk factors for heart disease, the BHF believes these innovative projects have the potential to improve the nation's heart health.

"Their impact will be felt not just by those who live today but by those who will live tomorrow."

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