Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Fat Bloke Slims!

Actor Bruce Byron from TV's The Bill writes entertainingly about his battle to beat the bulge, and how the British Heart Foundation's heart health checks helped him come to terms with his problems.

In his latest column in the Daily Mail, Bruce says of us: "These guys (the BHF) are great. You can rock up to their centres (there are a handful of these on the move around the country - see their website) and, free of charge, get your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels tested. (You can, of course, also ask your GP for these tests).

"This is a great, if scary, way to start your push for a healthier you. After the tests are complete, the BHF nurse will give you a breakdown of what needs your immediate attention and how to go about it."

Thanks Bruce! Find out more about where you can get a free BHF heart health check around the UK

And to read more of Bruce's column 'Fat Bloke Slims' visit the Daily Mail site

Are you also having issues with trying to lose weight, like Bruce? Leave us a comment below to let us know what you are facing and going through right now?

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