Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Take five minutes out with our online games

Online gaming is big news these days. But you don't need to feel guilty about wasting time in front of the computer.

Online games can be a fun way for both adults and kids to put their knowledge to good use and learn new information at the same time.

Our BHF online games cover food, lifestyle, nutrition and exercise.

Snack Attack and the Food4Thought Challenge will get you thinking about which foods are best for your heart.

If your footy skills aren't up to much on the pitch then you can sit back and watch the goals roll in with our Freekick Football game.

There are plenty of heart operation games if you've always fancied yourself as having a bit of medical flair.

And if you're trying to give up smoking then the Smoking Tetris game could be just the little bit of extra motivation you need.

There's always time, of course, for a quick game of Escape the Office before you actually do!

Got a high score? Challenge someone to beat your score by posting a comment below!

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