Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Watch Your Own Heart Attack - what you've said...

Comments have been pouring in to us since the screening of our special two-minute Watch Your Own Heart Attack advert (pictured right) on Sunday night TV.

Some of you are criticial of the ad and its style. But many more are extremely positive and have thanked us for spelling out exactly what the symptoms of a heart attack are, and what you should do if you think you are having one.

You can see some of the comments posted to the video which is on our BHF YouTube channel, but here are just a few of the ones we have picked out so far...

"Intense advert. Saw the shorter version on ITV and it felt like David Lynch had taken over Midsomer Murders! Shame about the posters, but lots of nice details in performance and direction. Thanks for posting. Think i'll send it to my dad to scare him into eating fewer sausage rolls!" victorshade4

"Everyone is commenting about the film and the hype and impact (or lack of) that it has had on them. But no one has said or asked "Now I know what a heart attack is what can I do to help a victim until the ambulance arrives?". The answer. Learn to do CPR properly or become a Community First Responder for your local area." devvy1260

"He was scary but i guess thats the point. So are heart attacks. Sent it to my dad and he said it almost gave him a heart attack watching it. Pretty great advert all in all." slleilani

"I honestly feel that people are naive to the symptoms of a heart attack and things like this will save many lives, who cares about hype and costs of a public service film, if it saves One person that it's done it's job." nikgrey

"Wish everyone did know this!!! I act as a First Responder in my local area and have had to try a resus a person that has had 'indigestion' for 2 days... Guess what?? It wasn't indigestion, he didn't know the message and he did die! The more people that get the message the better... No-one minds attending a call to a suspected heart attack / chest pains and finding it isn't. Doubt does kill...Leaflets clearly don't work, this is a good strategy (mass viewing and spreading the word)." AndyWycoll

"This video is ... very negative. It would probably cause more heart attacks then help stop it." djsuperstar717

If you watched our ad and have something you'd like to say about it - good or bad - then please leave a comment below...

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