Sunday, 11 January 2009

We're here to help

You may spot this amazing, pulsing heart featured in our latest TV ad.

The life-like beating heart or - Virtual Heart Simulator - has been developed by medical specialists at The Heart Hospital in London and the design agency Glassworks and has been heralded by the medical profession as the biggest step forward since Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of the heart 500 years ago.

The heart is being used to raise awareness of the UK's biggest killer - heart and circulatory disease and how the BHF can help you.

If you or someone you know is a heart patient, or you have questions about heart health, we're here to help.

Our Heart HelpLine is open 7 days a week from 9am -10pm. Call 0300 333 1 333. You can also email one of our nurses by using our online contact form

Or you can go to our website and find detailed information about your heart health, our heart health publications, our heart matters free service, our heart videos and much more...

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Lisa said...

I would like to thank you for actually saving my nan's life! She is 81 and had been feeling unwell. She decided to sit down with a cuppa and sort through her recent paper work when she came across a leaflet from the BHF which had been posted through the door. It had a check list on it of symptoms taht signalled danger.

As she sat there she started ticking them off and at first thought she was being stupid but she went straight to her doctor for reassurance. As soon as she showed him the symptoms on this checklist that she had he called an ambulance and had her rushed into hospital - she was about to have a heart attack.

Although she had never smoked, drank and always ate wll, there was a history of sudden death in her family and she needed a triple bypass.

A year later she is fit and well and travelling all over the country! Her life was saved by junk mail sent through the post!

Thank you BHF for giving us the gift of our wonderful grandmother for many more years to come!