Wednesday, 1 April 2009

London to Brighton 2009 - Doing It For Dad (Part Two)

Chris Olney (pictured right) is taking part in our 2009 London to Brighton Bike Ride this summer for the very first time, and is blogging about his training for us.

If you missed his first blog post you can read it here - meanwhile here's the second of his weekly instalments...

"Since I last wrote I have had a good week on training front. I have started wearing some ankle weights when i am not training too, and am finding that these are helping my legs to get in shape.

"The tops of my legs have been killing me after I do the long weekend cycles. Mind you, these ankle weights do look funny - when they are covered with jeans I look like I have elephant feet.

"I did a 12-mile cycle at the weekend, and did not find it too bad considering that it was mostly uphill. I purchased a new bike for this, which I got at the weekend.

"I think the new one has made it easier than my knackered old thing i was using before. Am also looking at fancy dress outfits I can do the London to Brighton in!

"I am doing it with a friend of mine, Shaun Buckle, so let me know if you have any funny ideas for the two of us. The only thing I'm ruling out is a kilt.

"I am finding that running every other day is proving to be as much help to us as the cycling practise. Talk again next week!"

If you're also taking part in the ride and would like to share your training experiences or other L2B stories with us and others, please post them in the comments area below...

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Fancy Dress Ideas - Famous Double Acts: Laurel and Hardy, The Blues Brothers?