Wednesday, 15 April 2009

London to Brighton - Doing It For Dad (Part Three)

Chris Olney (pictured right) is cycling in our 2009 London to Brighton Bike Ride this summer for the very first time, and is one of our guest bloggers for the event.

Here's his latest update on his training and fundraising progress in the run-up to the big day...

"Hi everyone! It's been a bit tough going this week. No particular reason, just that I found it hard to motivate myself after a day a work to go out and cycle or run for a couple of hours - a feeling I'm sure that many of you can understand.

"Having said that, I have still done two gym sessions and two long bike rides - one of ten miles and the other a little bit less. Still using the ankle weights, which I definately recommend. They help you train when you are just going about your normal buisness.

"On the fundraising front, I've found some people being a bit tight due to the credit crunch, but it is ticking along nicely. My company have said this week they will be sponsoring me to do the ride, which I'm sure will boost the pot quote a bit.

"I was getting a bit bored of cycling on the roads where I live, so I'm doing a few rides further afield than my local area Dartford, and am hoping that will give me some more inspiration.

"All in all it's going well though, and it helps knowing that you are getting fit for a goal not just for the sake of it."

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