Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The latest from our heart blogger Leanne...

"I think I have gone from six nights a week of going out having fun to lasting six hours before I need a nap - and that’s without a night out or a day at uni.

"Either way I knew it was for the best to head home as my health was slightly more important that seeing Radiohead. And I needed to get over the traumatic experience of being crushed against a burger van by about 100 bored festival goers."

Leanne (pictured above right) is 21 and has a congenital heart condition. She's currently waiting to undergo a heart valve operation.

The passage above is taken from a regular blog in which Leanne is going to be sharing her experiences on our young people's website yheart - you can read her latest post about the Leeds Festival here

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1 comment:

JRB said...

Hi Leanne

Thanks for sharing all your highs and lows with us.

Even as a wrinkly old heart failure patient, I can fully empathise with how your condition must impinge on day to day life.
No, I haven’t been to any festivals, but like you, I find prolonged walking very tiring.

Happy Birthday for when it comes, and forget about the shoes, go for the valve.

Keep the blog entries coming.


Ps How do you destroy a hoover and an iron at one and the same time. Do tell. Such a ploy could permanently excuse me from domestic duties.