Friday, 26 February 2010

Red is for your heart

It's National Wear Red Day, and there's no better time to think about why we're putting on our best red frock or why we ironed that red shirt. Heart disease affects so many people - walk down any street in the UK and you will find people affected by it.

Meet Niamh and Joseph Edmunds. They're doing a 5 mile sponsored walk for their Granddad, Bob Rigby, who died late last year of heart complications. He was 81. Dad Paul says:

"The Staff, nurses and surgeons were brilliant at Liverpool heart hospital where he had an 8 hour operation and then was taken down for another 3 hour operation.

"He was a big supporter of charities, especially the British Heart Foundation. He was a great Dad and Granddad and Father-in-law, he was kind, thoughtful and is missed very much."

They've raised a brilliant £350 so far and there's still more to collect!

Joseph, Niamh, Mum Liz and Dad Paul would like to say a very special thank you to all the staff, doctors and nurses at Southport and District hospital for all of their very hard work that they do. Also a very, very big thank you for the surgeons at Liverpool Heart hospital for their hard work in looking after a very special man and doing all that they could to help make him better.

We want to thank everyone out there who's wearing red, having bake sales, jumping rope, running marathons, riding bikes, and climbing hills, volunteering in our shops, sharing their experiences, and with what they know, comforting others.

Together we can beat heart disease.

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Lauren said...

We just raised £71 having a bake sale at work. Big thanks to my colleagues at the British Geological Survey who all gave very generously today. Keep up the great work BHF xx