Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Heart matters!

Join our Free Heart Matters serviceYou might not know it, but we've got a whole load of really useful health tools in our free members area on the BHF website, Heart Matters.

You can:
  • Take a lifestyle check
    Find out what more you can do to keep your heart healthy
  • Find out more about your weight
    Are you the right weight for you height?
  • How much booze is safe?
    Find out with our online tool.
There's also loads of advice on how to get and stay healthy. Including:
  • Diet advice
    Are you eating the right balance of foods?
  • Five a day fruit and veg portions
    Find out what a portion really means, and how to get your five a day!
And coming soon we've got a whole lot of healthy, tasty recipes to help you keep your diet varied and interesting! Sign up today, it's free and really useful for keeping your heart health in check.

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