Saturday, 19 June 2010

Sam Gears up for London to Brighton

Sam Wong works as a media officer at the British Heart Foundation, he will be riding in the London to Brighton bike ride this Sunday – this is his pre-ride blog...we wonder how happy his post-ride blog will be....Visit the blog on Monday to see how he feels.

“I remember the day my mum took the stabilisers off my first bike. I wasn’t happy about it.

‘What did you do that for?’ I complained. ‘It works better with those on!’
I soon learned to ride safely on two wheels, but my cycling career never progressed very far beyond the playground. So when I signed up to do London to Brighton with some colleagues from the BHF’s media and policy teams, I had some preparation to do. I didn’t own a bike, and found the thought of cycling on the road unnerving to say the least. But none of this mattered, because I had months to prepare.

All of a sudden, the ride is only a few days away, and although I now own a shiny new road bike (thanks Mum), I feel somewhat underprepared. I’ve been for a few rides, but nothing of any great length. My training diet has consisted of considerably more burritos than the BHF dieticians would consider acceptable. Importantly, I have invested in a gel cover for my cruel and unforgiving saddle. Fifty-four miles on that would have left me very sore indeed.

Many questions preoccupy me as the big day nears. Will I reach the finish line? How big is this big hill that everyone keeps telling me about? What sort of chafing issues will I encounter?

Despite these worries, the prevailing emotion I’m feeling is excitement. The atmosphere of the occasion is legendary, and I know I’ll get immense support from my teammates and all the other riders. I’ll be motivated by the cause, too – in the nine months I’ve been working at the BHF, I’ve been constantly amazed at how much the charity does, and the difference it makes to people’s lives. And if that doesn’t get me to Brighton, then the thought of sitting on the beach munching on fish and chips will. (Obviously I wouldn’t dream of eating that much saturated fat too often, mind.)”

Good Luck to everyone who is taking part in the London to Brighton bike ride this Sunday. Do check this blog from 10am on Sunday for a live blog from the event!

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