Sunday, 20 June 2010

London to Brighton - The Live Blog!


How about a history lesson...yes it is before 6:30am on a Sunday but it feels right to let you know two historical BHF bike ride facts!

First ride was held in 1976 when 30 friends cycled from London’s Hyde Park to the Brighton seafront. This year’s ride is the 35th! - Any readers ride in that first ride in 1976? Let us know!

Approximately 719,500 riders have taken part in the ride, cycling more than 38 millions miles.

Ok, history lesson over. The first riders are setting off, just 54miles to go. Every journey starts with the first step (although I guess it is more of a rotation on a bike rather than a step, but you get the point!)

Good luck those first riders. Can’t wait to hear the stories

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