Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Neil asks: "What are you doing in Wales?"

We’ve been campaigning for better cardiac rehab services in Wales. We recently held a campaigning workshop to train up patients, carers and supporters to become heart advocates for us – amplifying our campaigning work at a local level. If you’re interested in receiving training let us know.

We fund some top-notch research at the Wales Heart Research Institute. BHF Professor Alan Williams is doing world-leading studies into how our heart’s rhythm is controlled, and how it can go wrong to cause life-threatening conditions.

And, in fact, an innovative BHF and Welsh Assembly Govt pilot screening programme is due to launch in the next couple of weeks across Wales. It aims to track down people affected by a life-threatening condition known as FH.

We have brilliant BHF-funded nurses dotted around Wales and we fund equipment for hospitals, defibrilators in the community, and training for life-saving skills.

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