Thursday, 7 February 2008

My/His Top Five for Valentine's

Our Valentine Appeal 2008 is aiming to raise £1 million for our BHF Heart Nurses and the Heart Helpline information service.

To help hit that target we are selling some great Valentine's gifts through our Online Shop

So as a male writing this entry to the blog, I am more than happy to share with any of our female readers my Top Five favourite gifts, which I am sure most chaps would be delighted to receive.

I've left the price off because it shouldn't really matter, should it? Everything you buy from our Valentine shop goes to help the vital, pioneering work of the BHF - so no need to even feel guilty about splashing out big time on the man in your life!

So here's my picks...
1. Lamborghini vs Ferrari Driving Day
2. Italian Cookery Masterclass
3. Russ Valentine Bear (if the cash is a bit tight)
4. 'I Love You' Mug (ditto above)
5. Aerobatic Flight Experience

Tomorrow we'll bring you the Top Five choices of one of the female members of the BHF.

In the meantime, check out our sister Valentine Appeal 2008 blog and the Valentine website

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