Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Switch on to BHFtv!

Have you seen our BHF video channel which we host on YouTube? If not, then please go and check it out!

We've now made 37 different bits of video available on there, ranging from heart health information clips to some of our best BHF adverts and interviews with our supporters.

Here's the current top ten most viewed videos on BHFtv...

1 - The Beat
2 - Risking It, Managing Weight
3 - What is a Heart Attack?
4 - Michael Carrick supports BHF
5 - Tests for Heart Conditions
6 - About the BHF Heart Helpline
7 - Give Up Smoking Before You Clog Up
8 - Our BHF Supporters
9 - Peter Kilfoyle MP Supports the BHF
10 - Risking It, Smoking - Penny's story

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