Thursday, 29 May 2008

BHF hits the road

Next week a large, red truck will be parked up outside supermarkets in the north east of England. Not just any old red van though, but the BHF Live! roadshow truck.

Inside our team of BHF nurses will be offering full heart health checks to shoppers including blood pressure and cholesterol checks.

Other BHF team members will be on hand in store to talk about healthy eating and getting active, as well as giving away some free heart healthy recipes.

We think it's a great idea but we'd love to know what you think? Would you like to see a BHF Live! truck in your area? Post your comment now.

Details about the BHF Live! roadshow are on our main website.

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Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more precise than somewhere else, thanks.

- Murk