Tuesday, 20 May 2008

e-mail scammers target the BHF

Fraudsters have in the last few weeks been e-mailing a large number of US and UK residents, purporting to be either a fictitious board member of the BHF, Mart Smith, or John Edwards, the BHF’s recently-retired Finance Director, or Ken Blair, a current director, or Peter Hollins, the BHF's Chief Executive.

The e-mail enquires whether recipients would be prepared to accept cheques payable to the BHF for payment into their bank accounts and then to issue their own cheques for 90% of the value, whilst retaining 10% commission.

It is therefore a fairly obvious attempt at money laundering.

If you have been approached in this manner, please be advised that it is fraudulent and report the matter to your local criminal investigation authorities.

We have reported the matter to the fraud investigation authorities. We are alarmed and outraged that our name has been misrepresented in this disgraceful manner and very much regret the inconvenience caused to anyone who has been approached in this way.

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Francis Chin, Singapore said...

What sickened me when I received the email on money laundering was the impression I got that the BHF (which I have not heard of before) was a fraudulent organisation. There's even the BHF link, and when I opened your site, I couldn't believe a criminal setup would go to all the trouble to explain about health and heart. The email even mentioned Hollins' wife, Tracy (is that accurate?)!

The BHF is definitely an excellent organisation with a heart. If I were living in Britain, I would support it to the max.