Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Bangers rally across Europe on recycled cooking oil!

Leaving on 16 August, BHF supporter Andy Pag will lead a team of 30 cars on a two week journey across Europe to Greece - running on only cooking oil.

Andy, 34, from Croydon, south London, told BBC London: "The idea is to see if using waste vegetable oil for long distances is practical and feasible, and to have a bit of a laugh on the way. We want to do a banger rally with no carbon footprints."

Terming the trip as a "fat-finding" mission - the team will leave on a full tank of vegetable oil but will have to find restaruants and cafes en route for further donations 'fuel'. If pushed for supplies - and, by this point, they may literally be pushing - they will be allowed to buy biodiesel or cooking oil.

The route will go through Germany, Austria and Italy, among other countries. Anyone can sign up, and entrance costs £99. Proceeds will help to raise money for the BHF.

Support Andy and his team on their worthy venture!

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