Monday, 29 September 2008

Will new shock images stop smokers?

This week, graphic pictures will appear on cigarette packets in the UK warning about the dangers of smoking.

The UK is the first European country to introduce such images, which will include pictures of a tumour, heart surgery and a diseased lung.

The BHF doesn’t steer shy of using shock tactics to get our message across. Our recent chest pains awareness campaign includes violent scenes depicting the symptoms of a heart attack.

Maura Gillespie, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at the BHF, said: “We believe the graphic picture warnings on cigarette packets will provide a further incentive for smokers to think again before reaching for their cigarette packets.

“There is evidence that they can help more smokers quit and prevent others from starting in the first place. Our ‘fatty cigarette’ campaign clearly demonstrated the value of hard hitting imagery.”

If you want to give up smoking, help and information is available at

What you think about using graphic images to encourage people to quit smoking? Post a comment on the blog.


Peter said...

We've had graphic cigarette packages in Canada since 2000. See:

When I smoked, they made no difference to me because Someone elses lungs were being shown, not mine. What made me quit (May 2006) was my heart surgeon telling me that if I coughed on the operating table my sternum wiring job might pop open...

By the that I'm not smoking and am enrolled in the best cardiac rehab programme in the world, I've never felt better.

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