Thursday, 22 November 2007

It's about time we had a list here on the BHF Blog. We like lists, and we hope you do too.

Today's list came about while we were trying to find out what the most popular BHF Publications had been over the past three months, so we thought we should share the top ten with you right now. Here goes...

1. Reducing Your Blood Cholesterol - download
2. So You Want to Lose Weight for Good - download
3. Blood Pressure - download
4. Eating for Your Heart - download
5. Physical Activity and Your Heart - download
6. Cut the Saturated Fat From Your Diet (wallchart) - order
7. Guide to Food Labelling - order
8. Heartstart CPR Card - order
9. Get Active - order
10. Food Should Be Fun...and Healthy - order

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