Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Tis the season...

..to start your Christmas shopping?

Yes, Christmas really is approaching fast, so get in there quick before it becomes really unbearable.

We have a number of ways to help make your Christmas shopping enjoyable and stress free.

Shop with us today and help make a difference to the fight against heart disease.

You can find your perfect gift with us, we have something for everyone.

Great value gifts at fantastic prices, everything from fitness and health products to jewellery and even a popcorn maker!

Find out more about shopping with the BHF here

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Karen and Chris said...

We're all for reducing Christmas Stress!
As co-authors of Save Our Sanity: The Christmas Calm Manual, your suggestions align very much with our own tips.
Our readers have also found it useful to take the earlier step that our book includes. We help frazzled parents (women especially) to look at their perspectives, attitudes and expectations, identify what's not working and take action to make their own Christmas as joyous as it is for their loved ones!
Your readers may be interested in getting our Tips for Christmas Calm at our site http://www.SaveOurChristmasSanity.com