Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Oi! Junk Monkeys

There's some exciting stuff happening today...

A character called Sick Rick (pictured) is jumping out of website pages, yelling Oi! junk monkeys!

There's a virtual urban jungle, packed with games, videos, a competition and more. Are you up for the challenge?

And a group of school children somewhere in London has been measuring fat.

What on earth's going on? The launch of our 2008 Food4Thought campaign, of course.

This year we're demanding a complete ban on all forms of marketing to children. Why? Because we believe that junk food advertising aimed at children is contributing to rising rates of childhood obesity. Support us and sign our petition

We've a Don't Target My Kids campaign microsite explaining how junk food companies target children.


Anonymous said...

I notice you talk about wanting to stop advertising of junk food to children, which I agree with. However, I feel that your approach on the matter is rather sick, especially since your adverts pop up over the top of my windows. Personally, I am not a fan of seeing guts, whether they're real or fake when I'm trying to communicate with colleages while working on my coursework.

Piefish said...

I love this advert personally, the way he says "oi! Junkmonkeys!" he's great. I don't mind seeing this advert tbh...although it did scare me on msn when a small explosion appeared on the bottom left corner

Tillly said...

i love the junk monkey man i am in the go nuts for doughnuts and the man is one of the men from 118 118 adverts and hot fuss.

belive me or ur nuts lol

Anonymous said...

as someone with a history of eating disorders that will definitely trigger anorexics and such. what if they are trying to recover? well this is not going to help at all.
the advert doesnt even say eat less junk food it give the message that all is bad, and people with food issues that think all food causes fat will think that about ALL food. :(