Tuesday, 23 October 2007

But I hate broccoli!

Yes, it can be pretty tough encouraging kids to eat healthy foods.

Children are constantly bombarded by clever marketing tricks aimed at making junk food so much more enticing than, well broccoli.

That's why at the BHF we're challenging the food industry's influence on children.

We want a 9pm watershed ban on junk food advertising on television and we want to see statutory controls to reduce children’s exposure to other junk food marketing, particularly online.

Plus, we're continuing to vigorously support traffic light food labelling.

Now, broccoli really is a great vegetable but don't worry if that's a hard one to sell at the dinner table.

We've come up with some of our own clever top ten tips on how to get children to eat more healthily.

Happy eating!

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Anonymous said...

Please don,t forget, if you are taking Warfarin Broccoli should only be eaten very sparingly and, no more than once a week.