Tuesday, 30 October 2007

A dog with a difference

Meet Tilly, a springer spaniel. But no ordinary springer spaniel you understand.

Look a little closer and you may just 'spot' why she's special. Got it? No? Keep looking...

Yes, knew you'd get it in the end! Tilly is our very own 'HeartDog' - a dog who really does wear her heart on her sleeve - or in this case on her back.

We're indebted to BHF supporter and teacher Susanna Gates for sending us this splendid photo of Tilly. She says: "Perhaps you may want to use her or the image in a campaign.

"She is especially appealing to children! She spends her day under my desk at school and is loved by the children in the class."

Thanks Susanna. I'm wagering this won't be the last we'll see of 'HeartDog' - so stay tuned.

Anyone else out there with pets - or anything else for that matter - featuring unusual appearances of heart-shaped markings? You know where to come

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