Wednesday, 3 October 2007

For sale - one used pacemaker

People do buy some strange stuff on eBay, but we're guessing that you haven't seen or bid for one of these before...

Martin Bulloch, who is drummer with popular rock band Mogwai, and suffers a heart condition, is auctioning his old pacemaker online to raise money for us.

Yes it sounds bizarre, but in fact Martin's done this for us before, raising more than £200 in 2003 from the sale of the pacemaker he had before this one.

This time around the auction has already reached more than £250, and there's still more than a week to go. So don't miss out. If you're a Mogwai fan, or a fan of the BHF, or even a fan of neither, get bidding on eBay now!

Or you might like to read more about Martin, Mogwai and the BHF on our main website

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