Friday, 12 October 2007

How to be a Bloc head, with BHF Shops

Wow, you never know what you might find in one of our 550 BHF Shops across UK high streets - but we'd wager you never thought you'd find one of these. A genuine Soviet Bloc miltary peaked hat

In fact we like it so much we've decided to feature it on our special BHF Shops eBay online store, along with dozens of other collectable and vintage items which the good folk of the UK (or maybe in this case the former USSR?) have generously donated to us.

Just the ticket for a Doctor Zhivago fancy dress party? Perhaps. But at just £3.99 it's a superb piece of Soviet Bloc military memorabilia in its own right anyway.

Not up your street? Why not take a look at the many other fascinating and collectable items on offer in the online eBay BHF Shops store now

Happy virtual shopping!

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