Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Is skipping breakfast a good way to lose weight?

Hmm, well it kind of seems plausible, doesn't it?

How about eating at night? Is that likely to make you put on more weight or, if it's a good time to eat, lose it? Surely the stricter the diet, the more successful it will be - won't it?

So, what exactly are the truths - or myths - about dieting? So many questions! But only one place to check out the hard facts - read our informative Top Ten Common Dieting Myths


Emma said...

I was always worried about this. By the time I get home from work I never have the opportunity to eat until 8pm.

Now I know it's simply all about eating the right thing and I will start eating breakfast on a morning.


British Heart Foundation said...

Thanks for the comment Emma. We're glad you found the information helpful.