Monday, 17 March 2008

Blogging, not smoking...

BHF Blog reader Jason Heller contacts us from the States to tell us about his own blog called Stronger Than This, a compelling video diary of his bid to give up smoking for good.

Jason writes: "Apparently it has begun to inspire others, what a great thing to happen! Stopping smoking was the best thing I ever did and very difficult of course!

"Today is Day 21 for me, and I've kicked it for good! Feels great! I figured you would appreciate it and maybe can share it with others. Hope you enjoy it and it can inspire others to stop!"

Happy to oblige Jason! Here's your link

You can also check out our own blogs written by visitors to the BHF Giving Up Smoking website

And it also feels like a good opportunity to (once again!) plug our latest motivational podcast Giving Up Smoking, The Facts in Five Minutes

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