Thursday, 13 March 2008

Break a sweat for the BHF

That is exactly what David Tame, 24, from Pontcanna, Cardiff, is doing for us.

David is aiming to do a million press ups in a year and is asking people to make a donation to us.

To reach his target David needs to do 2,735 press-ups a day. He can do 1,300 in one hour.

David said: "I’m supporting the BHF, not only because it’s a great charity but there is also a history of heart problems in my family.

"My grandad died of a heart attack before I was born.

"My father had a quadruple heart bypass at the age of 52 and my father’s cousin had a heart attack a few weeks after climbing Kilimanjaro.

"I feel this goes to show anybody can suffer from heart problems, no matter how fit they are.” (Quote and image from

To make a donation please visit

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Dan Walter said...

Hah! I can do that...

Well not really. But I can share this: