Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lesley Hanson: I work in an F&E store and find it rewarding - but hard work when on the phone for collections.

Thanks for all your hard work - it's great to hear you enjoy it. Without people like you we really wouldn't be here and able to continue our life-saving work.

I've recently been in several Furniture & Electrical (F&E) stores and understand there is a real challenge associated with the need to find out whether what is being offered to us is actually saleable. As you know if it isn't we are faced with the cost of disposing of it.

We understand that manning the phone line is difficult but its a crucial part of the job and in doing it you are doing something which is fundamental to our very successful F&E fundraising results.

F&E stores have been a huge success and are now a really important part of the BHF. As are you by being involved. If you'd like any more support or training please talk to your shop manager and share this response with him or her. And of course if you've got ideas for improvement please let him or her know also.

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