Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Robert Hurnley asks: I've asked before, I'd like to see a BHF shop in Jersey, will this happen?

We are always very careful before establishing a new shop. Its extremely important that the income we get from it is more than the rental and other costs which we would have to bear. A really important part of this is whether we can source enough stock to generate the neccessary income. So far we've been unable to be certain that we could do that in Jersey.

We never say never however and things may change in the future. But for now we do have an online shop which of course we'd be delighted if you use.

You're clearly interested in our work and we'd also be keen to talk to you about other ways we can work together. Please pass on your contact details to Keith so we can get in touch (lewisk@bhf.org.uk).

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