Friday, 25 April 2008

Give peas a chance!

It's a first for the BHF Blog, but today we invite a representative from the vegetable fraternity to tell us why he's helping our campaign to ban junk food marketing to children. Over to you, Mr Pea...

"We all need to give ‘peas’ a chance. As a pea, I know it’s not always easy for healthy foods to be heard in amongst the clamour that junk food brands make in the supermarket. That’s why I’m supporting MP Nigel Griffiths’ Bill (that’s him on the right) to ban junk food marketing that targets children.

"Nigel’s Bill, which is being debated in Parliament today, will stop junk food companies from using cartoon characters, quizzes and games to attract children to their products. It will also stop them advertising to kids on the internet and on TV.

"We know parents are feeling the stress of pester power - two thirds are resorting to cunning tactics to avoid a row over junk food in the supermarket, and more than a third of kids are fighting back by trying to sneak junk food into the trolley.

We need to give parents a break and give fruit and veg (like myself) a chance to be heard. You can show your support for peas and parents by signing up to our petition to stop junk food companies targeting kids."

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