Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The great outdoors...

Without wishing to tempt fate, it seems safe to say that the spring weather has finally arrived, and summer is just around the corner (cue torrential rain and bitter driving winds...)

With that in mind, the Blog's thoughts turn to outdoor activities, and more specifically to the fantastic range of jogs, bike rides, walks and other events that we have to offer you over the coming months.

We were reminded about this when we received an alert to the blog of a BHF participant in next week's Hearts First Jog Hyde Park (an event which now seems to kick off our season of running events across the UK), who sums up the attraction and purpose of the event pretty well.

Hopefully the good weather will hold out for the Jog on Wednesday 9 April, starting at 6pm.

So to find out more and register online please visit the Hyde Park page here

And if you can't make this event, take a look at the dozens of other runs and jogs or bike rides or walks or challenges or overseas events - or just browse our BHF Event Finder

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