Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Introducing some very special people...

The people who volunteer to work for the British Heart Foundation, such as Pat Knights (pictured right) really are the lifeblood of this organisation.

As a charity, the fact is quite clear - we simply couldn't exist without them.

Our volunteers support our work in every area, from helping at fundraising events to working in our 500-plus BHF Shops across the UK.

Today we've picked out a bit of video (you can watch it below this article) from our BHF channel on YouTube, which tells the story of Pat, a BHF Shops volunteer. We hope it gives you an insight into the contribution of these very special people.

And if you feel suitably inspired, and would like to become one of our volunteers, please visit bhf.org.uk/volunteer to find out more. Meanwhile, enjoy the video...

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