Thursday, 16 December 2010

Anon asks how and when shop locations are reviewed?

The full question: I have recently joined a team as Assistant Manager. Our shop is on the small side and we all feel that in order to reach our given budget we need to relocate. There are a number of empty shops in our town and most would be ideal for the BHF. Currently we do not have a place for volunteers to sit and relax nor an office where we can sit quietly to do paper work or conference calls. When will our shop be reviewed and changes made? We can't reach our targets if we haven't got enough room to display goods and sort donations!

We always review a shops' location and performance when a lease is due for renewal. If the review finds that there are better options in the area - either because they're cheaper rent, or better premises and location then we would look to relocate to the better shop. We've done this in seven locations so far this year.

If you let us know which shop you're in we can take a look at the performance and the lease to see if there is an opportunity for relocation. It would be really great to know about the other available shops that you've mentioned as well.

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