Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Rachel Wylde asks about her Daughter's pulmonary stenosis and going rides

Hi Rachel, this really depends on her individual condition, and also the type of ride. Many people with pulmonary stenosis will be advised not to go on roller-coasters and similar rides. Because the advice will be different from person to person, the best thing is to ask your daughters’ doctor if it’s OK for her to go on them.

With regard to swimming pools and jacuzzis, again you need to check with your daughters doctor, as it will depend on how mild or severe her condition is. Some people with pulmonary stenosis will be OK to go in a swimming pool, but others will be advised against it. It is important that she doesn’t bathe or use pools that are very hot or very cold.

We've got a few pulmonary stenosis publications which may be of help.

Have a good Christmas too!

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