Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Are you one of our shops volunteers? Live chat 16 December 2010!

Are you one of our shops volunteers?

Join our live chat online with the BHF Director of Retail Mike Lucas on Thursday 16th of December 2010 between 4pm and 6pm.

Mike will be answering your questions “live” on our BHF blog.

You could ask us about what are business priorities are for next year?

Or perhaps you want to know how much BHF Shops raise every year in the fight against heart disease? Or how you can get involved.

Whatever your question, ask it – we’re ready.

How do I ask a question?

Send your question on Thursday the 16th at any time before 6pm. If you can’t make that time then send your question to us in advance.

• Email us your question to internet@bhf.org.uk
• Post it on the BHF Facebook page
Tweet your question with the hashtag #BHFQs.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Tim Bentley said...

Why do you put your shops in areas already awash with charity shops? Would it not be better to go somewhere where there are less?

Mary Potter said...

How do you price your goods? What logic do you use?

Jenny said...

How do you track gift aid on donations? I donate clothes and I want to make sure that the gift aid goes on. How do you know?

John Wilson said...

How much money do your shops make? Why don't you employ more people than just volunteers?

Anonymous said...

I have recently joined a team as Assistant Manager. Our shop is on the small side and we all feel that in order to reach our given budget we need to relocate. There are a number of empty shops in our town and most would be ideal for the BHF. Currently we do not have a place for volunteers to sit and relax nor an office where we can sit quietly to do paper work or conference calls. When will our shop be reviewed and changes made? We can't reach our targets if we haven't got enough room to display goods and sort donations!

Bethany Johnson said...

Do you agree with the charity shops association campaign that Gift Aid should given at the point of donation, rather than after the goods are sold?

Marjory Sithe said...

How do you hire people in your shops?

Ron bailey said...

How do you decide where to open a BHF shop? I'd like one in Jersey

Martha Cowie said...

I get a lot of bags asking for me to donate goods, from lots of charities. Why should I pick you?

Bushra Patel said...

How can I volunteer at a shop

Mike Ashton said...

How do you hire van drivers? What qualifications do they have?