Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Live chat nurse Judy - the final question

Katie asks: “Hi, I am 27 years old and was born with my left coronary artery on the wrong side. I had this re-implanted at 10months old and also suffered a heart attack. I have since found out in October last year that my valves were leaking and they were going to replace them up until I had an angiogram in January and they discovered my heart was enlarged. Plus almost 1 1/3 of my heart is just scar tissue from having the heart attack as a baby. So I was told the only option for me was a heart transplant. So I now take 3 different meds a day and I am becoming more symptomatic showing breathless, limited exercise tolerance and chest pain. I have been referred to another consultant for a transplant assessment and wondered what this entails exactly? I am a mother of 3 and a wife, as you can imagine this is a very anxious time for us all. How long is recovery after transplant? How long will I be in hospital for? Look forward to hearing from you.”

Judy says:

I am so sorry to read of your very complicated medical history and of your need to have a heart transplant so young. I totally appreciate how hard it must be for you, your husband and your young family. The recovery period following a heart transplant varies considerably from one patient to another. You can read more about what to expect before and after the surgery in our BHF publication on heart transplants. I hope that you will be ok, that you will be accepted for the surgery and that you will be given a new heart soon. If you want to chat about this you might find it easier to call our HelpLine on 0300 300 3311 and talk to a cardiac nurse. I wish you good luck with everything and I hope that you have the support you need and deserve from family and friends.

You may also want to contact the heart transplant support network on 0800 027 4490 or the their website.

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