Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Live chat with nurse Judy

Keri says: I am 31 and have SVT and up until few months ago was controlled by 50mg atenolol once daily. I had a major SVT event in june and since then I have minor ones daily,dizzy spells, am extremely fatigued and easily fatigued by simple things like housework or walking down stairs at tube station and have noticed fluid buildu...p which I brought up to my gp as we're waiting for my cardiology appointment in 3 weeks. He said my blood pressure is too low to give me anything for fluid its 102/80 and ordered blood tests and a 48hr holter test. My question is with the blood test and all the other symptoms is it possible I am entering heart failure? And what should I be keeping track of to tell cardiologist? At present its everything from svt events how often I get fatigued, dizziness etc.

Judy says:

I am sorry to read that you are so unwell at the moment. When the heart rate is fast and erratic it can lead to the symptoms you have described - low levels of energy on minimal exertion and shortness of breath. Whilst people with heart failure can experience similar symptoms those symptoms alone do not mean that you have heart failure. For most people, once their SVT is better controlled with medication they notice an improvement in symptoms. I hope that this will be case with you and your quality of life will improve soon. As for what you need to tell your cardiologist, what you’ve told us is what you need to tell him or her. A diagnosis will be made using information you give on your symptoms and the test results. Good luck and hope you’ll feel better soon.

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