Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Live chat with nurse Judy

Stan asks: "I had a triple heart bypass in April 2007, and over the last two years I have had a tight chest which at times causes me to become a bit short winded, I have told my Doctor of this about ten times over the last two years, Four months ago he thought that I had asthma, after having an asthma test everything was normal, he then sent me for an E C G which everything was normal, He then suggested that it is muscle caused by the operation, I decided to see another Doctor who as told me that it is cartilage which takes a long time to heal after such an operation, I have asked other people that have had the same operation and no one as had anything similar to what I am experiencing. In your experience have you ever come across anything like this, I am asking this because I am concerned about it."

Judy says:

"You are not the first person I’ve heard talking about reoccurring pain following surgery though it is not the norm for everyone. It is reassuring that your doctor does not think that it is related to your heart but that it is more likely to be related to the healing process. If the pain is causing you considering distress it may be worth asking your GP if he or she thinks it is appropriate to refer you to a chronic pain specialist. Hopefully you will not experience a heart attack in the future but should you get chest pain that feels different to the pain you described above you should call 999 immediately. I wish you good health for the future."

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Amber said...

Hi Stan,

Sorry to hear about the pain you're experiencing after surgery.

Judy, thank you for your advice. I will pass this on to my husband. He also had bypass surgery three years ago and has had post-op pain in his chest and arms on and off ever since. We now wonder if it is permanent.

Best wishes,