Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Live chat with nurse Judy

Sarah asks: My son was born with Tetralogy of Fallots and dissconnected pulmonary artery. He had a Fallots Repair two years ago, having the pulmonary artery repaired and a shunt fitted after birth. We have been told he will need further surgery as he grows to replace tubes with bigger ones. Around what age is this normally done? Also he has a very loud heart beat, is this normal?

Judy asks:

The age at which a child with a ‘repaired’ Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) needs further surgery will vary from one child to another depending on the child’s symptoms as he or she grows. If you notice that he is playing less or complaining of being short of breath let your GP or paediatrician know. As a general rule, children with TOF will be seen regularly in clinic by their paediatrician so that their condition and symptoms can be monitored. We recently published a new booklet for parents of children with TOF. I’m not sure why his heart beat is loud – ask his GP for advice about this.

I hope your little boy is enjoying the summer with his friends and I wish him good look with any further surgery.

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