Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Live chat with nurse Judy

Anita asks: “Good Morning Julie, just a small question, my 7 yr old daughter had open heart surgery to close a hole and cut muscle bundles, 4yrs ago next month, but since the start of the year, 4 times, most recent few wks before the summer holidays started, she has said her heart hurts (her words). should i be concerned or is it normal? Thank you”

Judy says:
Congenital heart disease varies from one child to another so it hard for me to comment. However, I would say that given your daughter’s history it would be wise to take her to GP who could listen to her heart and examine her. If the GP picks up any issues he or she could refer your daughter for tests and back to the specialist team at the hospital for a check up. I hope your little girl will get a good report from the doctor and that she will enjoy the rest of her summer holidays from school.

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