Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Live chat with nurse Judy - we're back!

Lindsay asks: "Hi about three months a go I had an ablation on my heart which my consultant told me was successful, since the operation I have not felt very well and have found it hard to get around without feeling dizzy and off balance, also I keep getting a severe headache pulsating at the back of my head, so I went back to my consultant and had a 24hr tape put on and he has now diagnosed me with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia and put me on a tablet called Ivabradine 5mg twice a day. I’m still feeling really unwell and wondered if anybody could help, thank you"

Judy says "I am very sorry to hear of your considerable symptoms – it must be difficult to tolerate the headache you described. Ablation treatment for heart rhythms problems is usually reserved for those people for whom medication did work. In other words it is used for people whose rhythm and associated symptoms are difficult to control. Unfortunately it does not always work and sometimes a second attempt is needed or other medication. I suggest you keep in communication with your cardiologist who can continue to monitor your symptoms and make adjustments to your treatment accordingly. Sometimes it takes a while to identify the effective treatment for some people with heart rhythm problems – I hope yours will soon be under control and that you’ll feel better soon."

Thanks for your question, we hope that has helped.

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