Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Live chat with nurse Judy

Christine asks: "Hi my husband has heart disease, he had a quadruple bypass 5 yrs ago but 3 have closed already and only has 1 doing all the work, how long can this artery last?"

Judy says:

I am very sorry to read that your husband has had such bad luck so soon after his surgery. It’s impossible to answer your question to be honest – no one can predict how long before his symptoms will return. The rate at which the disease progresses to the viable bypass graft can be reduced with a combination of medication and a healthy lifestyle. It would be advisable therefore for him to take the medication he has been prescribed and to avoid smoking, eat a healthy diet (low in saturated fat and rich in fruit and vegetables) and to take regular physical activity.

I can understand that its a concern for you so you might find some support by joining our free service Heart Matters. Members receive a free magazine where we regularly feature articles on caring for someone with a heart condition. You might find it comforting to know that a lot of spouses/partners are in your position. I wish your husband good health and I hope that he will remain symptom free for a long time.

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